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The age of information has created a strong need for organizations to process and store large amounts of business-critical data. To introduce the best possible practices, companies are quick to introduce software that facilitates data storage and retrieval across all

applications and networks employed by the organization. The Microsoft SQL Server is a popular relational database management system in the market. Participants with relevant Microsoft SQL certification credentials are in great demand across sectors.

About Microsoft SQL Database Training Program

Organizations generate and accumulate large amounts of data in today’s data-driven world. These statistics can be a valuable business asset, providing insights into information about customers, operations, and finances. However, managing this data is challenging; the right tools and training facilitate simplifying the process.

Microsoft SQL Database Training Program by ZEP ensures that their data is managed efficiently, securely, and effectively. With Microsoft SQL server training, professionals learn how to design, implement, and manage databases, perform database backup and recovery, and optimize database performance.

How does the Microsoft SQL Database Training Program benefit professionals?

Guides professionals to become more proficient. In addition, the workforce learns new database management skills and techniques, improving efficiency and productivity.

Microsoft SQL Database Training guides professionals on securing and protecting the organization’s sensitive data while learning how to set up firewalls, implement security protocols, and use encryption methods to safeguard data from cyber-attacks.

Individuals learn to use Microsoft SQL Server to analyze data and gain insights into an organization’s operations. This training enables good decision-making based on accurate data and improves the organization’s overall performance.

The training assists professionals in staying up to date with the latest technologies and trends in database management. It guides to maintain productivity and to be an asset to the organization in the fast-paced world of technology.

Key Highlights

- Get this training in the language you prefer
- - Track multiple training projects on the ZEP platform
- Shortlist and select the best Microsoft SQL Database Trainer(s)
- Training Management Solution to plan annual training programs
- Internationally qualified and verified Microsoft SQL Database Trainers
- An instructor-led platform for in-person or virtual training across the globe
- End-to-end training design, plan, operations, and execution with dedicated project coordinators from ZEP

Target Audience

This program is tailored to upskill database administrators, data analysts, data scientists, and IT and business intelligence professionals.


Knowledge of basic database concepts and programming is required to get started with the Microsoft SQL Database Training Program.

Learning Outcomes

- Write SQL queries to retrieve and manipulate data - Administer and maintain a Microsoft SQL database - Design and implement effective database solutions to support business operations - Apply knowledge of Microsoft SQL to support the organization's data management needs - Understand the fundamental concepts of database design, data modelling, and SQL programming

Course Outline

- Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server
- Database Design and Implementation
- Data Retrieval and Manipulation
- Database Backup and Recovery
- Database Security
- Database Optimization and Performance
- Advanced Database Topics
- Business Intelligence and Reporting
- Best Practices and Troubleshooting
- Corporate Training Enquiry

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Database Admin & Programming (Oracle, MS, Cache, MongoDB, MySQL)

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