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What Does the Certified Scrum Master Course Cover?

Certified Scrum Master Course

Lean, Agile and Scrum — clarifying your understanding of Scrum and its underpinnings.
Scrum patterns — going beyond the basics towards excellent Scrum.
Facilitating great retrospectives — how to help your team to find value in retrospectives.
The Scrum Master as team coach — what coaching is and why it is different from mentoring and consulting.
An introduction to powerful questions.
How the Scrum Master serves the development team.
How the Scrum Master supports the product owner.
Facilitating impediment removal.
The Scrum Master as an agent for change.


Upon completing the Certified ScrumMaster course and passing the online assessment, you will become a Certified ScrumMaster® (CSM).

Who Should Attend the Certified Scrum Master Course?

Participants of the Certified Scrum Master training course are typically Scrum Masters or others seeking to understand Scrum, including:

Beginners, new to Agile/Scrum.

Those currently working in software or non-software Agile/Scrum Teams. Established practitioners looking to formalise their experience. Managers and Executives interacting with Scrum teams. You may be brand new to Agile, you may already have some knowledge under your belt, or you may be working in a Scrum Team now. Whatever your current position, you will have come to an understanding that an Agile working environment brings considerable benefits in terms of quality, productivity and time to market. This course is the next step, as it establishes a solid foundation in knowing what good practice looks like to ensure highly successful outcomes. Certified ScrumMaster is ideal for anyone looking to start in Scrum and Agile, and it’s effectively essential for established practitioners looking to move on to the next level with formal training to back up their hands-on experience.

With a CSM certificate earned through Scrum Alliance endorsed training, you will hold an invaluable certification in Scrum, which will boost your professional standing and prospects. Our CSM is equally suitable for beginners, those working in non-software Scrum and Agile roles, and managers and executives who interact with Scrum teams and want to learn the language and understand the framework.

What you will learn.

- Introduction
- Lean, Agile and Scrum
- Agile and Scrum Review and Refresh
- Fixed vs. Growth Mindset
- Patterns for Excellent Scrum
- Agile Facilitation
- Facilitating Scrum
- Group Decision Making
- Designing and Facilitating Great Retrospectives
- An introduction to Coaching
- Facilitating, Teaching, Mentoring and Coaching
- Powerful Questions
- Coaching Dojos
- Experience Scrum Through a Simulation
- Service to the Development Team
- Servant Leadership vs. Traditional Management
- Agile Engineering Techniques
- Service to the Product Owner
- What Support Does the Product Owner Need?
- Techniques for Stakeholder Management
- Service to the Organisation
- Dealing with Impediments: Circles and - Soup and The Executive Action Team
- Why is change hard?
- Leadership Storytelling
- Questions and Answers

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